Goal #1: Whole-Person Focus

MSM will reinforce its strong history of nurturing intellectual, resilient, spiritual, and inclusive young women, characterized by a strong sense of community, and centered in Gospel values, by supporting real world learning opportunities, as well as adaptive, future-focused programs.

We will do this by seeking and building supportive partnerships and opportunities through our alumnae, trustee, faculty, parent/guardian, and community networks, and dedicating appropriate resources for implementation.

Primary Drivers: Faculty and Staff, Students


  • Continue to provide and expand support for individual students’ learning needs, so every student may meet the Academy’s graduation requirements and college admission requirements

  • Develop student-led initiatives including communication methods and social-emotional support services, giving a voice to all students and providing a support network for personal development.  

  • Increase focus on enhancing the athletics program, enabling it to serve as a way to enrich, define and unite the MSM community and the experience of MSM’s student athletes.  Routinely assess and ensure that MSM Athletics remain accessible to all members.

  • Continue to identify and promote “signature programming” that is unique to MSM and an identifier in the local market, and allows a student to develop her resiliency, creativity, and intellectual curiosity.  Partner with communications leads to implement routine news releases and social media posts amplifying work and supporting recruitment efforts.

  • Create a plan for MSM facility improvements and enhancements, to be developed through input from the entire school community, to ensure the physical assets of the school continue to foster the highest level of achievement in learning, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities.