Goal #2: Academic Program

MSM will continue its tradition of superior work in assessing and strengthening its academic program, including its innovative and intentional support of real-world learning opportunities, as well as adaptive, future-focused programs. 

We will do this by developing and leaning into the academic program defined by the implementation of an innovative scholastic vision, confirmed through our Middle States Commission on Higher Education re-accreditation in 2022, and celebrated by the successes of our alumnae.

Primary Drivers: Faculty and Staff, Students


  • Elevate the comprehensive academic course of study that an MSM graduate needs to master during their four years, which complement the Profile of a Graduate characteristics, and ensure adequate resources to achieve these objectives are available to every student. 


  • Perform regular assessments of program offerings to ensure academic rigor, diverse voices and perspectives, whole-person balance and innovative approaches are representative and useful to today’s MSM students.


  • Provide the faculty and support staff with pertinent professional development opportunities that will facilitate continued growth. 


  • Honor the values and traditions and unique approaches that reflect MSM’s history, and provide balance that reinforces skills needed for “professional preparedness” for life and careers after MSM. 


  • Ensure that all academic program work meets necessary standards – while also fostering intellectual growth and curiosity in every student – and remains aligned with guardrails from accrediting bodies. Explore opportunities for expanding to new or more diverse accreditation bodies that align with the school’s vision. 


  • Build a stable alumnae and community network that provides access to additional resources and support for MSM and its staff and students, in terms of inclusivity and representation.