Goal #4: Communication & Engagement

MSM will strengthen and unify its story and the ways it shares information, internally and externally.

We will do this through leadership-driven work across all constituent groups of the MSM community, centered on amplifying stories of the MSM experience and celebrating our upcoming Centennial.

Primary Drivers: Leadership Team, Parents, Alumnae


  • Complete annual accuracy assessments of alumnae, donor and contact database, to be maintained by the Development team at MSM.  Make necessary budget and financial investments where necessary to support.  


  • Heighten social media engagement across all platforms. Clearly define the target audience for each platform and develop messaging that best engages with the intended constituent groups (i.e., alumnae, donors, current students, prospective students, etc). 


  • Re-establish a confident, successful Mountie persona in the wider community.  Demonstrate vocal, visible pride in what students, faculty, trustees and alumnae accomplish through marketing communications and social media outreach.


  • Amplify the use of MSM digital communications through partnerships with internal/external marketing resources to develop a roadmap for the future of communication tools.


  • Develop a clear plan for and implement a MSM website redevelopment to create a more interactive site that integrates MSM Athletics and all school activities.  Key functions should include a calendar of events, easy to use donation tool, alumnae contact information updates/ submissions, Belonging, Equity and Inclusion (“BEI”) beliefs/commitments, and a feature landing page for upcoming Centennial. 


  • Develop primary focus on brand identity. Partner with internal and external marketing resources and Administration on MSM branding, tagline, and visual collateral that serves multiple purposes across various MSM programs.