Goal #5: Support for Strong Leadership

MSM will engage and define roles for all constituents – from trustees to faculty to students to alumnae – that promote mission-driven leadership, and foster MSM’s role as a leader in Catholic education and in the WNY community.

We will do this by using our strategic plan to guide these commitments and measure our success and implementation. This will include alumnae engagement and fundraising that fosters growth and supports leadership.

Primary Drivers: Board of Trustees, Leadership Team, Students


  • Establish a clear organizational plan for MSM that outlines an ongoing plan for leadership and operations and the essential roles for continued success and stability.


  • Continually strive to improve inclusivity and representation at all levels within MSM by creating a community-wide BEI Committee, that includes members from all MSM stakeholder groups. Set annual goals to increase diverse representation amongst administration, faculty and staff, Board of Trustees, and the student body, and regularly assess and report on BEI progress and programs.


  • Continue to review leadership structure to ensure the school has the best resources and opportunities available to excel and achieve the outcomes desired through the Long Range Strategic Plan.


  • Review the financial supports for professional faculty and staff to assess the ability of salaries, benefits, and incentives to provide the appropriate level of support and encourage MSM’s ability to attract and retain high caliber talent.


  • Use the build up to the Centennial to connect to the broader, external community and inform them of MSM history and traditions – using the valued tradition and experiences of students to heighten constituent and community engagement and create interest in future enrollment.


  • Utilize findings from recent profile work and re-accreditation to drive programming and investment in the school faculty and staff.